You're Teaching Our Children What?

Parental Rights

Families have greatest impact on their children’s education.

We would like to bring attention to the NSW Government document titled:

About Sexuality and Sexual Health Education in NSW Government Schools  

This document was created by the NSW Public Schools Learning and Leadership Directorate in March 2015. Teachers and the Executive are advised to be guided by this document in NSW government schools “when planning and implementing any sexuality or sexual health education lesson or program in their school.”

Amongst other things, it states;

  • When planning programs, teachers should review the content of sensitive or controversial material to ensure it is appropriate to the development, experiences and cultural values of their students.
  • Students have the right to withdraw if they find issues in their lessons personally confronting.
  • The school has a responsibility to inform parents, prior to the occasion, of the specific details of the program.
  • Parents have rights of withdrawing their child from a particular session on certain controversial issues. In this regard, a parent’s wish must be respected.
  • Schools should implement a consultative process to ensure parents and carers have the opportunity to participate in discussions on both curriculum content and teaching and learning materials, and where appropriate to ascertain whether parts of the program need to be modified.
  • Establishing how parents will be informed about programs and involved in consultation is a school-based decision.
  • It is important to enable students to withdraw if they find issues personally confronting, and to protect them from making harmful disclosures.
  • Equally, it is important that teachers are prepared for issues that arise as a result of a student’s making a disclosure.
  • Teachers can actively discourage disclosures of personal or sensitive information.

As parents you have:

  • the right be informed about the programs
  • the right to withdraw your child from lessons
  • the right to be involved in discussions about the curriculum content and the teaching and learning materials.

Parents should approach their principal to discuss any aspect of their child’s learning. More specifically, parents may wish to raise concerns about:

  • Their school’s use of the Safe Schools Coalition program, if it is being used, or to discourage their school from signing up to it.
  • The Year 10 ‘Affirming Diversity’ Unit in the PDHPE Curriculum.
  • Two units in the Year 11 and 12 Crossroads Program called ‘Do Opposites Really Attract’ and ‘Gender Matters’.
  • Any picture book/children’s book/film or resource which is being used by a teacher to teach the new gender ideology, e.g “The Gender Fairy.”
















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