You're Teaching Our Children What?

A Summary of “Sexual Health & Behaviour of Men in NSW 2013-2014”


The purpose of this paper is to describe key aspects of the behaviour and practices of men who had sex with men. It is a secondary analysis of the report, Sexual Behaviour of Men in New South Wales 2013-3014. The available evidence indicates that the phenomenon of men having sex with men is overwhelmingly an abnormal male response engaged in by some 3.6% of the male population. Homosexuality is discussed and promoted as an abstract concept but this camouflages its reality. It is a broad set of specific sexual practices. It is also reflected in the differing sexual experiences, the attitudes of men who have sex with men, their use of pornography or their substance use. The distribution of homosexuality in the community is not random but has particular sociocultural links. Evidence is provided of signs of poor psychosexual adjustment in a subset of this population.

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