You're Teaching Our Children What?


Research imageThe following are some general points that we discovered as we researched the Safe Schools Coalition Australia


  • The SSCA program has framed its message in terms of ‘safety’ in order to disarm educators, infiltrate education, and frame concerned citizens as callous homophobes.
  • The exploitation of the child safety message was first devised in 1993 by American gay rights activist, Kevin Jennings.
  • At the heart of their ‘anti-bullying’ effort is a political agenda intent on shaping the values and beliefs of children.
  • The Safe Schools Coalition’s message is confusing children.  Their minds and bodies continue to develop throughout childhood and adolescence, meaning that sexual messages play a formative role in their identity.  This is precisely the reason why SSCA is opposed to the existence of a ‘heteronormative’ world view.
  • People are reluctant to make the case against Safe Schools due to a hostile political climate. Many P&C committees have proven unhelpful, or even hostile, when parental concerns are raised.
  • The thought-policing and ad hominem attacks used by the gay lobby have intimidated many parents into silence.  Ideological coercion against students who hold to traditional community attitudes is also taking place in the classroom. We suspect that some children are hiding their experiences in a bid to avoid ‘a scene’ at school involving their parents.
  • Of the children who have come forward, they report experiencing of anxiety and isolation because of their decision to opt out of public celebrations of LGBTIQ issues, and they feel that their own beliefs are not valued and respected by their school.
  • Overtly political events, such as flag-raising ceremonies and rainbow mufti days take place in some schools.


  • The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University produced the bulk of research for the Safe Schools Coalition. 
  • A superior study was available – the 2013 Australian Study of Health Relationships – which found a same sex attraction rate between 3-4% (a high rate compared to international studies).  
  • The 2011 Census found that only 1% of all couples in Australia were in a same-sex relationship.
  • The 10% statistic (myth) is the product of Alfred Kinsey’s discredited research, but has found broad acceptance in the public imagination and is now being exploited by Safe Schools.
  • SSCA bullying statistics are taken from the Writing Themselves In 3 (WTi3) report.  Among the problems with WTi3 are that the question on bullying was put so broadly (“Has anyone been abusive to you because of your sexuality?”)  that respondents needed to have experienced only one incident of homophobic bullying within a twelve year window to be captured in the overall statistics.  WTi3 did not measure the frequency of bullying, nor did it quantify the severity of bullying cases.
  • Other studies place the rate of homophobic bullying around 8th behind other kinds of bullying, disability, race, class, and appearance.


  • The Safe Schools Coalition Australia program has a strong, deliberate political agenda.
  • SSCA literature encourages school children to negotiate access for activists into their school.
  • SSCA literature encourages participation in International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHOT), the International Day of Silence, Spirit Day/Wear It Purple Day and Mardi-Gras and gay marriage rallies. This is despite the fact that the federal government warned it against commenting on gay marriage in any way, shape or form.
  • Safe Schools literature also gives advice to students about how to set up “gender and sexual diversity groups” in their schools.
  • Whilst the SSCA program sees children as key drivers of the agenda, teachers are also encouraged to do everything they can to make their school “safe”.
  • In The Guide to Kick-starting Your Safe School, all teachers (not just PDHPE teachers) are advised to include same sex issues in their lesson programming. They are told about books and films by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex authors and encouraged to use texts with gender diverse or sexually diverse characters.
  • The SSCA is encouraging staff members to “Display our Safe Schools Coalition Australia posters in corridors and classrooms and make sure the OMG I’m Queer and OMG My Friend’s Queer booklets are readily available.
  • The task of teaching children is made easier with the new teaching resource entitled All of Us .
  • The distribution of merchandise is also recommended as a way of supporting “gender identity, sexual diversity and intersex status” in schools.
  • The question is why the Safe Schools Coalition is so intent upon highlighting to all the sexual choices and inclinations of a few.

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