You're Teaching Our Children What?

Links to SSCA Resources

The resources provided by SSCA directly link students to the Minus18 website. Here are some examples.

Encouraging students to cross dress


Students encouraged to lie to parents
Cover Your Tracks
Windows 10 Warning


Encouraging dangerous practices –  Girls advised on how to “safely” bind their chest

Some use binding methods to help alleviate body dysphoria, but it has a level of risk attached to it. Because you are compressing tissue, it can cause damage and potentially even breakages to your ribs if done improperly, if things go wrong with your ribs, it has the potential to be lethal. So it’s important to be careful, safe, and use correct and healthy methods to stay happy, healthy, and look after your own well-being.”

What have   “healthy” methods to do with something that may be lethal? The concluding advice is “If you are having any difficulty breathing or are experiencing extreme pain, get your binder off. Straight away. And be sure to get yourself to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible if that doesn’t make it go away.”!

“Remember, above all else, to listen to your body!


Genitals do not equal gender – Denying biological differences

The Minus 18 website teaches your child that “this is the biggest mistake you can make.”

 “It is an easy assumption to make accidentally, but genitals and bodies in general don’t reflect anything about a person’s pronouns or gender”


Politicising children in the classroom –The Safe Schools Program encourages students to participate in politically motivated rallies.

“encourage the whole school to participate in events like IDAHOT, Pride, Mardi Gras, or even an equal marriage rally.”


“You have two virginities”
From the teaching resources produced by the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (OMG I’m queer p.10)


 1 click to pornographic website 

Throughout the teaching resources promoted by the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, students are directed to visit the Minus18 website for additional support. The second website listed, ‘The Tool Shed’, directs students to an international erotic toy store.  In Australia, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to visit these sites. This law is bypassed when visiting international sites.

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