You're Teaching Our Children What?

Get Informed


Advice for concerned parents

Knowledge is power. This website will equip you with the information you need to successfully confront the proponents of gender/sexual ideology in your child’s school.

Through this website, you will learn about:

  • ​The driving forces behind the LGBT agenda in schools.
  • The content of some ‘sexuality education’ classes, much of which amounts to nothing more than classroom celebrations of various ‘sexual identities’ and their attendant expressions.
  • The flimsy and misleading research used to justify LGBT ‘educational’ activities.
  • The high value education authorities place on parental and local community involvement in schools. (Parents should therefore feel confident to approach principals to discuss – and if necessary challenge – the material and messages being conveyed to their child via the school).
  • What the various government policies are with respect to sex education and controversial content in schools.
  • How to find support and take action!
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