You're Teaching Our Children What?

About Us

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We are a group of mothers who seek to draw attention to the age-inappropriate teaching resources of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program, the Minus18 organisation (“Australia’s largest network of LGBT youth”) and various state PDHPE curricula.

Through our efforts, we seek to create, organise, and give voice to a grassroots movement whose chief aim is to remind schools that they need to consult parents, acknowledge their concerns and respect their opinions regarding the new gender theory and the new sexuality education being taught in our schools through the resources of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia.

We support the excellent anti-bullying programs which already exist in our schools as they address all kinds of bullying and are thus more equitable in addressing the needs of all students.

After much consideration we have decided to launch this webpage anonymously because of the hostility of the debate surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia. “Homophobic”, “intolerant”, “bigot” are just some of the words used to describe anyone who has voiced their concerns about this program.  As stated previously, we are concerned mothers, not experts, we do not want our message to be politicised. We also have children in schools who we want to protect from the inevitable barrage of criticism they will face. 

In short, “You’re teaching our children what?” aims to:

  • Raise public  awareness of the problem
  • Provide moral and practical support to parents and friends
  • Create change school by school, state by state
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