You're Teaching Our Children What?

A Perspective on “Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage & Religious Freedom”


Truth overruled. The future of marriage and religious freedom by Ryan Anderson is comprehensive in its coverage of philosophical, social and legal aspects of same-sex marriage.

The text deals with opposition to same-sex marriage. It analyses what is described as “judicial tyranny”, the background to marriage, the destruction of a marriage culture in the West and its implications for victims. The consequences of same-sex marriage are outlined. It concludes with the scope for the building of a movement that counters the mixed ideology that has resulted in totalitarianism, genocide, abortion, and a sexual worldview. It is argued that this has battered the family and redefined marriage.

The present paper summarises some of the key assertions in the text and where possible comments from an Australian perspective. No claim is made that this is an original contribution or that it is complete in its analysis.

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