You're Teaching Our Children What?

ABC Caught Out in Dubious ‘Fact Check’

This week Pauline Hanson stood up for parents’ rights and the ABC wasn’t having it. In a ‘Fact Check’ article, they said: “One ‘Nation leader Pauline Hanson has introduced her Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill to the Parliament, telling the Senate “some teachers and schools [are] pushing the idea that a child’s biological sex does not determine whether you are male or female”.”

Watch Pauline Hanson present the bill here:

When asked how many transgender children there are in Australian schools, Pauline Hanson responded “According to the 2016 census, just 57 students under the age of 15 identified as transgender.”

Disregarding the very valid points made in Pauline’s bill, the ABC launched a ‘nit picking’ attack, bringing in RMIT to point out that yes, 57 children had ticked ‘other’ instead of ‘male or female’ in the census, but added that some transgender children may have ticked ‘male or female’ because they identify as the opposite sex, and not one of the other 100+ gender options.

Throughout the ABC’s ‘Fact Check’ they use the embarrassingly unscientific phrase: ‘sex assigned at birth’ to define biological sex. However, scientists unanimously agree that sex is ‘observed’ at birth but determined at conception. At no point is it ‘assigned.’

To show just how far Transgender ideology has progressed in every institution, the Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender also states: “The Australian Government recognises that individuals may identify and be recognised within the community as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth or during infancy, or as a gender which is not exclusively male or female. This should be recognised and reflected in their personal records held by Australian Government departments and agencies.”

In an incredible ‘self-own’ the tax-payer funded ABC uses data from the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service that proves the drastic increase in children presenting as transgender since Transgender Theory started being taught in schools as fact.

INFOGRAPHIC: The number of children presenting to the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service by year. (Supplied: Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service)

The ‘Fact Check’ also fails to mention that law suits have started pouring in against Tavistock, the UK’s largest Gender Clinic, for ‘fast tracking’ gender non-conforming teens. Keira Bell (one of the claimants) says she was never questioned or challenged before taking hormone blockers and undergoing a mastectomy as a teenager.

She now lives with ‘sex change regret’ and wants to protect other non-confirming kids from radical gender ideology.

The ABC has just sacrificed any remaining credibility in a lame attempt at shifting attention away from the bizarre ideologies being foisted on our children in classrooms. Their discredited ‘Fact Check’ article doesn’t even touch on the issues presented in Pauline’s bill. It just highlights the alarming growth in kids confused about their gender since this rubbish entered classrooms.

It’s time for the ABC to come clean to Australians and declare their bias. The Australian reports: “Last August, Barry [Media Watch host] made positive mention of ABC presenter and activist Benjamin Law for donating $36 of his “hard-earned cash” to readers who cancelled their subscription to The Australian. This newspaper’s crime was to highlight alarming practices regarding children and teenagers diagnosed with “gender dysphoria”, particularly the health authorities’ embracement of the “affirmation model”. Barry claimed this coverage of this major public interest issue was “one-sided”.”

It’s clear that ABC isn’t here for Aussie parents, or our kids.

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