You're Teaching Our Children What?

What’s ‘Female Erasure?’

This is how Female Erasure happens… (read the full thread here)

Twitter exchange:

“Hey  @FitbitSupport I love the “Female Health” tracker in your app. However, I’m not female & I menstruate. Many trans & intersex people are in this position and feel alienated from menstrual health access. Could you please change the name to the neutral term “Menstrual Health”?

Here is what the tool looks like, with the one issue circled. It lets me track my period, tells me when my next period is likely to happen, let’s me track symptoms (including on non-period days), keeps track of trends, and tracks fertility.” – Lilo the Autistic Queer @A_Silent_Child

“Not everyone who menstruates is female. Not everyone who is female menstruates. Let’s shift our language.” – Lilo the Autistic Queer @A_Silent_Child

After Lilo the Autistic Queer was unsatisfied with Fitbit’s initial response, Fitbit replied: “Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. This feature is currently not in our product roadmap. However, we’re always looking to enhance the Fitbit experience for our users. Let us know if you have further questions.”

Is that the end of it? Not likely. Transgender activists within ‘Fitbit’ are still trying to force the issue.

“Hey just so y’all know a Fitbit employee DMed me and said that they and several others are working on pushing this change, but that it may take some time. Just keeping everyone updated.”Lilo the Autistic Queer @A_Silent_Child

Anyone with a dissenting view is bullied into silence.

Transgender Activists regularly ‘wear down’ businesses and organisations until they comply with their ‘Newspeak.’

It’s frighteningly Orwellian.

And now, the UK Government has enlisted Stonewall, a lobby group, to create an LGBT-inclusive primary school curriculum. It defines ‘gender’ as: “Babies are given a gender when they are born, for example ‘male’ or ‘female’, ‘boy’ or ‘girl.’” And Gender Identity as: “Everyone has a gender identity. This is the gender that someone feels they are. This might be the same as the gender they were given as a baby, but it might not. They might feel like they are a different gender, or they might not feel like a boy or a girl.”

This is biologically inaccurate and very dangerous to impose upon vulnerable children.

It also defines Homosexual as: “Someone who has an emotional, romantic and/or sexual orientation towards someone of the same gender.”

Note the curriculum uses the term ‘gender’ rather than ‘sex.’ If same-‘sex’ attraction is replaced by same-‘gender’ attraction, this effectively erases Homosexuals and Lesbians, whose attraction is based on biological sex and not ‘gender identity.’

In an article from March 19, 2019, Reuters says: “Caught in the crossfire between trans activists and feminists over the nature of what it is to be a woman, calls for a break-up of the longstanding LGBT+ alliance back to its constituent elements are starting to emerge.

“At the heart of the increasingly toxic debate is whether trans rights are compatible with those of other women, particularly in terms of access to single-sex spaces, such as rape crisis centers or women’s refuges.

“On one side, trans campaigners say that transgender women are women and deserve equal access. On the other, some feminists and lesbians disagree, making the distinction between natal and trans women.”

Words matter. If we can’t define ‘woman’ then how can we protect them? What does the future hold for our daughters in this brave, new world?

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