You're Teaching Our Children What?

Queensland Labor Party Pushes Regressive ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill

The USA is further down the Transgender rabbit hole than Australia, and as the rate of de-transitioners increases exponentially, the outcome of the ‘100% affirmation’ model has become clear.

Facing mounting cases of ‘Transgender Regret,’ by young adults who are asking ‘why didn’t anyone stop me from making myself infertile and submitting my body to permanent, irreversible changes?’ states across the USA are working towards banning transgender treatments on kids. The Washington Post reports that South Dakota House recently passed a bill restricting medical treatments for transgender youth.

Conversely, Queensland is considering a regressive Bill that guarantees the failed ‘100% affirmation’ model is written into law. Cleverly disguised as the ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill, it would make it illegal for parents and counsellors to help children struggling with Gender Dysphoria to understand their feelings and learn to love the skin they’re in. Statistics show that up to 90% of children left alone will grow to accept their own bodies once they hit puberty. But those pushed down the ‘transition’ line are more likely to pursue long term medical and surgical treatments.

In Queensland, transgender treatments are big business. The Australian reports that: “The number of children and teenagers at Queensland’s publicly-funded transgender clinic has risen 330 per cent over five years, with an 85-fold spike in patients taking controversial drugs to block puberty.

“In 2018, there were 207 trans or gender diverse patients, up from 48 in 2014, at the Queensland Children’s Hospital clinic in Brisbane, with 171 on the puberty blocker Leuprorelin, and 30 getting the opposite-sex hormone testosterone, according to the first data obtained under FOI law.”

The ’Conversion Therapy’ Bill defines sexual orientation as “the person’s capacity for emotional, affectional and sexual attraction to, and intimate and sexual relations with, persons of a different gender, the same gender or more than 1 gender.”  This definition is problematic for the LGB community, whose attraction is based on ‘biological sex,’ rather than ‘gender identity.’ Many in the LGB community have expressed concern about the Bill because it makes their sexuality discriminatory (eg a Lesbian is attracted to people with vaginas, not a penis, even if the person with a penis ‘identifies’ as female).

The same Bill has just been passed in Canada which leads us to believe this is an organised movement lobbying Governments around the world.

John Whitehall is Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University, and he’s conducted extensive studies and written extensively regarding gender dysphoria. He told Vision Radio: “Certainly I am told that the submission I made on behalf of the CMDFA was one of the most extensive and well-referenced ones.  Considering I’m probably the only paediatrician available to talk on the matter, that I’m not yet invited [to talk on the matter] is disappointing.”

As word that John Whitehall had been de-platformed from the public hearing spread, a petition garnered over 1 thousand signatures in just a couple of days, and the Queensland State Government relented, allowing Dr Whitehall to speak.

During the public hearing, the Queensland Law Society stated: “It could even be arguable that that definition is so broad as to capture the work done in prisons with sex offenders and with sex offenders who have attraction to people who are under the legal age of consent.”

We are calling on the Queensland Government to listen to the experts and reconsider its regressive and poorly worded ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill.

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