You're Teaching Our Children What?

Sydney Parents of Gender Dysphoric Kids Meet

Janet Fraser tweeted about a meeting of parents in Sydney, who are concerned about the experimental treatments their children are receiving and the lack alternatives to complete and uncompromising affirmation (read the full thread here:

Last weekend, parents whose children are struggling with gender identity issues met secretly in Sydney. Some themes which emerged from the day were the lack of holistic psychological support for children (particularly those with histories of being bullied), medical professionals acting outside of ethical constraints and the very real fear people feel about trying to seek help other than what is currently provided.

It is clear that affirmation is the only model being offered to families despite the evidence showing over and over that the vast majority of children struggling with gender dysphoria reach adulthood intact if emotionally supported.

People encountered strong resistance when trying to explore anything other than immediate affirmation of gender identity. Parents relate that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are being employed under dubious ethical conditions and sometimes without parental consent.

Parents following normal channels to institute complaint processes about this are being fobbed off, ignored and treated very poorly. These loving parents will continue to meet and urgently request medico-legal authorities, concerned practitioners and politicians to start investigating and speaking up before more children are irreparably harmed. – On behalf of Australian Parents Questioning Gender.

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