You're Teaching Our Children What?

Bonds Sexualises Christmas

At a time when PayPal has just announced they will no longer provide their services to PornHub, and Westpac is being sued for failing to act on the risks linked to payments that could have involved child exploitation, Bonds has chosen this particular moment in history to ‘sexify’ Christmas. Posting an image of two people, wearing nothing but underpants, engaged in foreplay across the kitchen bench.

‘It’s the little moments that make Christmas season so special,’ says Bonds. What ‘little moments’ does Bonds think are synonymous with Christmas?

Our message to Bonds is clear: groping your sexual partner in the kitchen is NOT synonymous with Christmas, nor any other ‘family friendly’ celebration. We couldn’t care less about the gender, or sexual preference of the adults involved in the sexual activity portrayed in your advertising. Clean up your act and make Christmas safe for kids again.

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