You're Teaching Our Children What?

Has the Queensland Government Just Placed Gender Ideology in all State Schools?

The Queensland Government has announced that Respectful Relationships will be compulsory in all Queensland state schools. The idea of preventing domestic violence via education is noble, but is that all this program is really about?

Our research has revealed that the Respectful Relationships web page contains links to resources that include highly sexualised content and LGBT indoctrination. This is what we found:

The years 3-6 section has a link to Kids Helpline which promotes Transgender Ideology.

The years 7 to 10 section (aimed at children as young as 11) encourages ‘sexting’ via a ink to ‘The Line’ website, stating  “there are plenty of ways to have sexty time” and includes a video featuring adults discussing their experiences with sexting.

Previous explicit articles on the website were removed after we drew attention to them last year.

It also includes articles like Two reasons to have sex NOW and So, Sam Smith is non-binary, but what does that mean??

The years 11-12 section includes a link to which contains articles like ‘The Difference Between Gender, Sex and Sexuality.’

It also promotes the highly controversial Wear it Purple Day that has seen students bullied and ostracised for not openly promoting LGBTQ ideology.

The years 11-12 section also links to the Relationship Things website which asks students to select whether the following statement is ‘myth’ or ‘fact’: People are born as either male or female, and that’s how they should stay.

If you select ‘fact’ for this and other questions, you’ll be told: “Hmm, it looks like you might need to think a bit more about how we can be respectful of diversity in our society. Remember, being different doesn’t mean we’re not equal, and we should keep celebrating diversity in our community. Reread the section above this quiz to think about diversity in more depth!”

So, there you have it. The Queensland Government’s program about ‘respect’ doesn’t seem to respect a diversity of opinions!

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