You're Teaching Our Children What?

Australian Doctors Call For ‘Gender Inquiry’

Australian Doctors are calling for a formal Parliamentary Inquiry into “the rapid rise of childhood gender dysphoria in Australia and the lack of scientific basis for current medical treatment.”

Within 24 hours of the Doctors’ Letter being posted online at, over 100 doctors across Australia have already signed it.

You can read Professor John Whitehall’s submission to the Health Minister explaining the need for a Parliamentary Inquiry here.

It comes as a distinguished professor of paediatrics was fired from University of Louisville, after he questioned dangerous and aggressive medical treatments for children experiencing gender confusion.

Dr Josephson said: “The inherent bias in many of the people doing this work is more of an activist nature rather than scientific nature. And those are some major concerns that many of us have about the kind of studies.”  You can watch his full interview with him here.

And a psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University has slammed the medical and psychiatric industries for what he says is reckless and irresponsible treatment of patients who claim to be transgender.

“Paul McHugh, a renowned psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University, told The College Fix he believes transgender people are being experimented on because the doctors treating transgender patients with hormones “don’t have evidence that (the treatment) will be the right one.” He also criticized the manner of treatment given to many children who claim to be transgender.” Source:

Children are already ‘transitioning’ at school in Australia without their parents’ consent, and now Professor Damien Riggs from Flinders University is calling for children to undergo medical gender transition without parental consent. Source:

We’re watching on as our parental rights are stripped bare. Studies have proven that over 80% of gender confused children will grow to accept their birth sex if left alone.

Why the urgent push to medicalise and even maim otherwise healthy children, using experimental methods, and against their parents’ wishes? Especially when there is mounting evidence that it’s extremely dangerous; with permanent, lifelong implications on fertility and overall wellbeing.

UPDATE: The National Association of Practising Psychiatrists is also calling on the commonwealth government set up a parliamentary enquiry into the treatment of gender dysphoria in children in Australia.

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