You're Teaching Our Children What?

Respectful Relationships Demonises Grandma’s Kisses

According to ABC News: “For many children, a sloppy kiss from grandma was a rite of passage growing up. Now it is being used as a light-hearted example to help empower children against potential sexual abuse.”

Victoria’s Respectful Relationships program has made international headlines as educator Margie Buttriss conflates kisses from grandma with sexual consent.

“We’re talking about situations such as Grandma wants to swoop in for the big sloppy kiss, and if the child doesn’t want that to happen, what can they do,” she said, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Sexualising the relationship between grandmother and child is beyond appalling.

Why make children associate a heart-warming and natural moment with sexual abuse?

Margie Buttriss is the founder of HUSHeducation. One colouring-in download available on the HUSHEducation website features a naked boy and naked girl with words including ‘penis’ and ‘vulva’ written in between the bodies.

Another expert made headlines last year by claiming babies are capable of giving consent, with their body language and eye contact, to having their nappy changed.

It’s very dangerous to send the message to adults that children are capable of ‘consent’ when it comes to sexual matters. There is no instance in which ‘permission’ from a child should make it okay for an adult to engage in inappropriate behaviour with that child.

The Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub states: “Children are sexual beings from birth so we need to understand what we might expect from children, what might be happening if sexual development seems out of step with other children, and how our own behaviour and responses are guiding children.” – Pam Linke, social worker (emphasis added).


Here are the tips and advice found in this resource for teachers in an Early Childhood and Primary school environment:

“Sexual play is a normal part of child development in every society… In the Primary Years it may include simulated intercourse with clothes on.”

“If a primary school aged child asks “What is a clitoris?” Answer with: “A little round bump about as big as a pea which is just above the opening to where the wee comes out. It feels good when you touch it.””

“If a primary school aged child asks “What is masturbation?” Answer with: “It is when you stroke your penis or clitoris and it feels good”.

“If a PRESCHOOLER asks “What is the vagina?” Answer with “A special passage where the baby comes out, in between where wee and poo come out: It is also where the man’s penis goes during sexual intercourse- it will probably be helpful to draw a picture.”

Victorian teacher, Moira Deeming says: “How and when was it proven that children are sexual beings? It wasn’t. But the notorious creep Alfred C. Kinsey tried to prove it during the ‘40s. He used convicted paedophiles to carry out sexual ‘experiments’ on 2,035 boys and girls, some as young as two months old. Observations of ‘fainting and weeping’ when abused were recorded as ‘orgasms’ which in his sick mind meant that children are ‘unharmed by sexual contact with adults’ unless the parents were ‘disturbed’ and ‘made a fuss about it’. The depraved nature and methodological flaws of his study only came to light years later. Yet this ugly truth is swept under the rug by those who seek to have paedophilic predilections sanctioned, celebrated, and spread.”

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