You're Teaching Our Children What?

Scholastic Book Club No Longer Safe For Kids

For decades, Scholastic Book Club has offered parents and students an opportunity to purchase books of educational value, nurturing a love of reading.

However, they are the latest business to cash in on the multi-million dollar Transgender industry, turning into purveyors of dangerous gender ideology.

“George” is written by Alex Gino, a biological man, complete with beard and chest hair, who self identifies as female.

You can watch an interview with Alex here:

explaining what it was like writing a Transgender book for Scholastic and plans to write another Scholastic book with a ‘Social Justice warrior’ theme.You’ll find “George” on page 30 of the latest Scholastic Book Club catalogue, distributed to every primary and secondary school in Australia, with a ‘Heart Warmer’ sticker emblazoned on the front cover:…/bookcl…/assets/pdfs/bc219.pdf

The blurb reads: “George was born a boy, but she wants to find acceptance as a girl.”

Among the comments below the YouTube interview with Alex one person wrote: On page 46, 4th to last line it reads verbatim: .”..what she had between her legs was nobody’s business but hers and her boyfriend.”

The catalogue is handed to students as young as four years old at school, before parents even see it and have the opportunity to decide whether the content is appropriate for their child, or not.

Parents across Australia have expressed their disgust at Scholastic and are calling for a nationwide boycott. Most of the books are available at Big W or Kmart at cheaper prices and many have no educational value at all, which begs the question: is there still a place for Scholastic Book Club in our schools?

With its current push for ideology over education, we think not.


From Common Sense Media: “George’s older brother mentions looking at porn and “dirty” magazines as something boys do. Young readers who don’t know what the word “porn” means may be inclined to look it up… Editor’s note: In the story, George’s older brother shows George how to clear the browsing history after using Mom’s computer. George then does this after searching the internet for transgender information.”

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