You're Teaching Our Children What?

‘Women’ Removed from University Campuses

The University of Sydney Women’s Collective has changed their name to “The University of Sydney Wom*n’s Collective.” You could be forgiven for thinking that’s a typographical error, but it’s very intentional.

There is also no longer a Women’s Officer on the University’s SRC, replaced by ‘Wom*n’s Officer.’ So what does that mean?

Recently on BBC Newsnight, a biological man who self identifies as a woman called Sophie Cook explained that: “‘X’ is just making it a bit more inclusive. It includes women of colour. It includes Trans women.”

‘Women of colour’ around the world were furious at this racist statement, which blatantly excludes them from the biological term ‘women,’ effectively dehumanising them.

And it’s not just Sydney Uni jumping on the PC Bandwagon. University of Melbourne has also replaced ‘Women’s Officers’ with ‘Wom*n’s Officers.’ They boast about their ‘Wom*n Only’ spaces, which are open to anyone (biologically male or female) who self identifies as a woman:

Anyone using the Wom*n’s Room is told “Do Not Assume: You know anyone else’s experience of gender and sexuality, or other details about their personal background. Do not make assumptions or statements about what is ‘normal’.”

Monash University is also touting their ‘Wom*n’s Only’ space, for biological men and women who self-identify as women:*ns-Affairs-Collective-WAC.html

And University of Newcastle is also not immune to the latest trend toward erasing of women, celebrating their ‘Wom*n’s Collective – Wom*n’s Networking Brunch.’

Note: There doesn’t appear to be at M*n’s officer at these Universities, it is only women who are asked(?) to change their biological terminology to accommodate Transgender Ideology and to share their private spaces with members of the opposite sex.

Around the world, women are just starting to wake up to the fact that Transgender Ideology and Women’s Rights cannot co-exist. A feminist blogger in the UK purchased a billboard campaign with simply the statement: “Woman – Adult human female.” The billboard was removed following complaints from a prominent Transgender Activist who claimed the statement was hurtful to Trans Wom*n. The billboard was also banned from London buses.

Women are even being erased from Women’s sport. A biological male has just won the 2018 Master Track Cycling World Championship, much to the disappointment of the women who came second and third, not to mention fourth!

Parents, it’s time to stand up for our daughters and say ‘enough is enough!’ Put an end to the Transgender agenda and get back to celebrating women as adult human females!

Please share this article far and wide to help educate parents about what’s really going on in our once revered places of learning.

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