You're Teaching Our Children What?

What’s the Big Deal with Gender Neutral Toilets?

Transgender Activists across the Western World are fighting to get biological males into ‘female only’ private spaces.

Australia’s Safe Schools ‘Guide to supporting a student to affirm or transition gender identity at school,’ tells teachers:

“As part of the written plan, confirm the toilets, changing rooms, showers, and swimming facilities based on the student’s gender identity and the facilities they will feel most comfortable using.”

Allowing biological boys into girl only places… what could possibly go wrong?


The Gender Neutral Toilets and sign seen at the Home Office / Source: George Odling

Daily Mail reports: “Female Home Office employees are refusing to use new £36,000 gender-neutral toilets because they feel ‘distressed’ by their male colleagues leaving the cubicle doors open.” The sign on the uni-sex toilet reads: Could men using these toilets please use them with the door shut. Women are finding use of the toilets quite distressing and are not using these toilets as a result. Thank you.’

Meanwhile, a school in Oklahoma was shut down temporarily following an outcry from parents regarding a biological 12 year old boy using the girls’ bathroom. The child’s mother admitted to abc news:
“When asked if anything like this has happened before at Achille, Rose said only at the end of fifth grade when another student thought Maddie was peeking under the stall in the girls’ restroom when in fact “she was just leaning very far forward because that’s how she has to pee.””

The lack of investigation into this parental complaint by the school is unacceptable. Parents have a right to be concerned about a biological boy potentially peering at a girl on the toilet but the threats of violence in response from parents were unacceptable. It shows that schools are not the place to conduct dangerous and highly controversial social experiments.

Peace stands in the bush that serves as the girls’ “toilets” at school.

PLAN International says:

“Without separate and private toilets, girls and women face the shame of having to relieve themselves openly, or they put their safety at risk by going into fields or waiting until night fall to relieve themselves…

By providing girls-only latrines, or bathrooms at schools, girls have a safe and private place to go – helping protect them from harassment and ensuring they don’t miss out on their education.

Simple improvements to sanitation help make schools more welcoming and safer for girls like 7-year-old Amna, who was excited to go to school after hearing about her schools’ new girls’-only latrines built with Plan’s support.”

While the West strips women and girls of their safe, private places, those working in developing nations acknowledge the vital importance to their health and safety.

When will our politicians listen to the legitimate concerns of parents and give girls back their private spaces?

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