You're Teaching Our Children What?

Gender Theory Perpetuates Sexist Stereotypes

Page 52 of The Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ resource teaches that: Gender diverse refers to: “people whose gender expression or identity differs from the gender identity associated with the sex assigned them at birth or society’s expectations. The person may identify as neither male nor female, or as both.”

“Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of being masculine or feminine, or both or neither. Gender identity does not necessarily relate to the sex a person is assigned at birth. Rather, a person’s gender expression is made up of the outward signs they present to the world around them. This could include their choice of name and preferred pronoun (which may include using no pronoun), their style of dress and appearance, and/ or their mannerisms.” (emphasis added)

In other words, Gender Identity is a social construct, dictated by archaic, and sexist stereotypes. Feminists have fought for decades to erase the strict confines that Safe Schools is pushing onto our kids.

“If you like dresses, you’re probably a girl. If you like footy, you’re probably a boy.” Really? The 1950’s called, they want their sexism back!

Graphic: All of Us resource, page 34.


In Queensland, students are subjected to the Genderbread Person, who forces them to question their level of ‘woman-ness’ and ‘man-ness.’


What exactly is ‘woman-ness’?

According to “Gender expression is interpreted by others based on traditional gender norms (e.g., men wear pants; women wear dresses). Gender expression is something that often changes from day to day, outfit to outfit, and event or setting to event or setting. It’s about how the way you express yourself aligns or doesn’t with traditional ways of gendered expression, and can be motivated by your gender identity, sexuality, or something else completely (e.g., just for fun, or performance). Like gender identity, there is a lot of room for flexibility here. It is likely that your gender expression changes frequently without you even thinking about it. How about an example? You wake up wearing baggy gray sweatpants and a T-shirt. As you walk into your kitchen to prepare breakfast, you’re expressing an androgynous-to-slightly masculine gender. However, you see your partner in the kitchen and decide to prowl in like Halle Berry from Catwoman, then you are expressing much more femininely. You pour a bowl of cereal, wrap your fist around a spoon like a Viking, and start shovelling Fruit Loops into your face, and all-of-a-sudden you’re bumping up your levels of masculinity. After breakfast, you skip back into your bedroom and playfully place varying outfits in front of you, pleading with your partner to help you decide what to wear. You’re feminine again.” (emphasis added)

So, if you wear dresses and act sexy, you’re a woman? Eat cereal like a viking and you’re a bloke?

These Gender Theory programs being pushed onto our kids are based on a fantasy, where Biology is thrown out the window in favour of feelings and sexist stereotypes.

‘Woman-ness’ isn’t a shade of lipstick; it’s a lived, genetic, chromosomal, hormonal reality.

In her article entitled ‘An aversion to dolls and dresses is no proof you’re a man,’ Hadley Freeman documents her struggle to shake off stifling gender stereotypes to embrace her female reality. She points out: “In Britain, at the Gender Identity Clinic in London, the UK’s main child gender service, 70% of all referred cases are teenage girls.”

This is proof positive that Gender Theory programs offer girls a ‘get out of puberty free’ card. A means of escaping the awkwardness of growing from a biological girl, into biological womanhood.

School programs should be teaching our girls (and boys) to ‘love the skin they’re in.’ To shake off sexist gender stereotypes and embrace their authentic biological self.

Unrestricted by menstruation, sagging biological breasts and the looming onset of menopause, ‘womanhood’ might appear exciting and dazzling to men, forced to submit to stereotypes of ‘man-ness’ perpetuated by the well-meaning Genderbread person.

It’s time to get these sexist programs out of our schools and start teaching biological facts again.

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