You're Teaching Our Children What?

Teacher Forced to Resign Over School Transgender Policy

Indiana, USA: School teachers are being forced to refer to students by their ‘preferred pronouns’ rather than their biologically correct pronouns.

One teacher has been forced to resign after trying to reach a compromise that supported his religious freedom, while still being inclusive.

He opted to call each child by their surname, rather than their first name, to avoid ‘misgendering’ students.

This wasn’t enough to satisfy transgender students at the school, who demanded his resignation.

Parents were angry that the board had created the ‘transgender policy’ without consulting them. According to RTV6 ABC, one parent told the board “This rises to the level of you guys losing your seats,” said parent Jeff Gracie. “You work for us.”

“Getting rid of someone because they don’t agree with you isn’t the cure for this,” another mom said during her time in front of the board.

A former student, now studying music education in college, says “Mr. Kluge is the teacher Brownsburg needs.”

In Australia, the Safe Schools “All of Us” resource instructs parents and students: “Don’t make assumptions about gender identity. If you’re unsure of someone’s preferred pronoun, ask them, then use that one. Always use a person’s preferred name. This can sometimes change, and you should use the one they ask you to.” Pg 34

“Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of being masculine or feminine, or both or neither. Gender identity does not necessarily relate to the sex a person is assigned at birth. Rather, a person’s gender expression is made up of the outward signs they present to the world around them. This could include their choice of name and preferred pronoun (which may include using no pronoun), their style of dress and appearance, and/or their mannerisms.” Pg 52

It’s not clear what the consequences are for students, teachers or even parents who don’t comply with these ‘recommendations.’

But already, students at Australian Universities are being marked down for using ‘Gendered’ language.

The term transgender activists have invented to refer to the use of their old (biologically correct) name is: ‘Dead Naming.’

In some places, ‘misgendering’ won’t just lose you your job, or exam marks, it’s illegal.

Where can this ‘compelled speech’ lead? Here…

Ian Huntley is a biological man who killed two little girls in the UK. Huntley is serving a life sentence and now insists he’s a woman and that he’s entitled to serve his time in the women’s prison.

In an unthinkable act of cruelty, his new chosen name is Nicola, the name of the mother of one of his victims.

That means she must call the murderer of her child by her own name, or she is potentially committing a crime by ‘dead naming’ the convicted murderer.

Compelled speech is not free speech. It is cruel and unnecessary. It forces people to deny reality, hand over freedoms and endorse an ideology.

It’s time to make it stop.

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