You're Teaching Our Children What?

Girls Who Play Lego Are Not Boys

This little girl from the 1970s wore pants and played Lego, and nobody took her to a gender transition clinic, because it’s normal for girls to wear pants and play with Lego! Thank goodness for this little girl’s sake that Gender Theory programs didn’t exist in schools back then, or she’d probably be living as a man today.

The politics of #Transcult sweeping the western world right now is bringing with it a multitude of problems for women and girls. One of the issues is the loss of sex-segregated spaces, such as public toilets and changing rooms.

When bathroom use is based only on your self-identified ‘gender,’ this effectively allows men to claim a female gender identity and enter women’s spaces, and if a woman complains, she’s labelled transphobic.


The transgender movement is a multi-million dollar business that thrives on convincing children to submit to a lifetime of synthetic hormone treatments and expensive surgeries that mutilate healthy bodies.


Recently, we were contacted by an angry North Queensland dad. His 10 year old son had been growing his hair to donate it to ‘Wigs for Kids.’ He was being bullied at school about it so he was sent to see the school counsellor for guidance. The school counsellor’s advice was deeply concerning. She said “I know of boys who dress in dresses and wear makeup and dance together and have a great time.” She went on to explain that being ‘transgender’ means you can remove your penis and take hormones to become a girl if you want to. 


It seems the transgender movement is about perpetuating the very stereotypes that we, as a society, have recognised as irrelevant to gender. Boys can enjoy playing with dolls and what they might become… is a great dad.


Girls can play with Lego and even grow up to be engineers. They are still girls.


It’s impossible for anyone to define ‘transgender’ without resorting to gender stereotypes. That tells you everything you need to know about the multi-million dollar transgender business that’s preying on our kids.

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