You're Teaching Our Children What?

The Catholic school in crisis over gender fluidity

by Miranda Devine

AN elite Catholic girls’ school is in crisis after the headmistress linked the concept of gender fluidity with the introduction of pants and shorts into the school uniform.

At a protest yesterday afternoon, parents demanded the resignation of Santa Sabina principal Maree Herrett and threatened to pull as many as 200 girls out of the school.

Santa Sabina in Strathfield is dominated by the devout Maronite Catholic community in the part of Sydney that voted No in last year’s same-sex marriage survey, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that “Safe Schools”-style gender theory won’t fly.

But that didn’t stop Herrett boasting in the media that the uniform change was about enabling “a variety of gender expression”. She said: “What I think we’re recognising is that there has always been a variety of ways of expressing your femininity or your masculinity.”

And if students were questioning their gender, she said, the uniform would “make the journey a little bit more comfortable for them”.

But it was Herrett’s Twitter feed that crystallised misgivings parents had about the ­politicisation of the new ­uniform. On February 25, two days before the uniform was launched, Herrett tweeted her recommendation of a book promoting radical gender ­theory.


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