You're Teaching Our Children What?

Santa Sabina student ‘forced out’ after Islamic content questions

After an acrimonious meeting with principal Maree Herrett, religious co-ordinator Helen Smith and their daughter’s religion teacher, the girl’s parents received a letter from Dr Herrett dated September 13, 2017, informing them that she was no longer welcome at the school because their family’s values “diverged” from those of the school.

Dr Herrett told them she had contacted, without their permission, the principal of a school at which they had enrolled their daughter for 2018 to see if she could start in Term 4, 2017.

The father said that he and his wife complained during the meeting that their daughter had been taught incorrectly in religion classes that Muslims and Christians worshipped the same God and that Jesus Christ was a refugee.

“Tell me where it says that in the Bible,” the father said repeatedly. “Leave the politics out of school.”

The parents also complained that the religion teacher (who we have not named at the school’s request) endorsed same-sex marriage to her Year 7 class and the school promoted left-wing politics.

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