You're Teaching Our Children What?

Gender Theory Returns to NSW – Parents Betrayed AGAIN!

NESA Bureaucrats continue to push gender theory in our schools

The NESA developed resource, PDHPE Teacher Toolkit: Prevention of Domestic Violence, tells children that “The social construction of gendered stereotypes presents a narrow view of what it is to be masculine and feminine. It is often the perception of how we are expected to act and the fear of consequences that stops people from being who they truly are.” p.74   By promoting this ideology as the cause for domestic violence, it ignores all of the other causes. Domestic violence occurs across a wide variety of contexts, with and without stereotyped attitudes; this is not addressed in the PDHPE program.

Despite a directive from Education Minister, Rob Stokes in February 2017 to ban the teaching of gender theory in NSW schools, page 75 of the resource steers teachers to This website tells children that gender and identity do not need to be the same. If someone is born male, he may feel like a woman and if someone is born female, she may identify as a male. Students are also directed to a Minus 18 Video where they learn “the basics” of being transgender.

Watch the full video here:

The NSW Crossroads materials were reviewed and revised in late 2017, and the Gingerbread Infographic was removed but it’s managed to find its way back in through this resource.

Parents have spoken, and we said No to the teaching of gender theory in our schools.  Mr Stokes, is this another “oversight”?

Please sign and share our petition to STOP GENDER THEORY IN OUR SCHOOLS


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