You're Teaching Our Children What?

EXPOSED: ABC Invites Kids to LGBT Mardi Gras

#TheirABC is telling our kids #MardisGras is a ‘family event.’ One of their ambassadors in the ad has threatened to ‘Hate F$%K’ people he disagrees with. This is a grievous error of judgement. Kids don’t belong at a celebration of sexual proclivities. Tell ABC TV to STOP promoting ‘R’ Rated events as ‘family friendly.’ You can let ABC know exactly how you feel about their decision to promote an adult event to minors here:

You can watch the full video here, which aired on ABC’s Kid’s channel: ABC Me

PM Malcolm Turnbull attended the ‘R Rated’ celebration of nudity, objectification & sexual proclivities. Why does he perpetuate the charade that this is a ‘family event?’ The very things we shield our kids’ from were on parade. There is no pride in exposing kids to sex. You can see a preview of the type of sexually content children were exposed to at this year’s Mardi Gras here.

At least Malcolm Turnbull had the decency to leave his grandchildren at home. Not so Bill Shorten, who brought his little girl along to watch the pornographic parade.

#Oporto Fail. Why subject kids to such adult concepts as ‘Bondage’ & ‘Twinks?’ Which, for the uneducated, is ‘gay slang’ for young looking gay teenage boys 😱 This was their menu during last year’s Mardi Gras. Time to name & shame businesses that expose our kids to sexual content!

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