You're Teaching Our Children What?

Celebration of Sexual Proclivities Showcased to Students WITHOUT Parental Consent

Many schools in NSW, including Drummoyne Public School, have failed in their duty of care to kids and are teaching controversial material WITHOUT parental consent.

ABC’s Behind the News program touts itself as “a high-energy, fun way for Upper Primary and Secondary students to learn about current issues and events in their world.” Their recent production entitled BTN In Depth- Mardi gras Turns 40  is a short documentary, encouraging children to celebrate and even participate in this celebration of sexual proclivities, which includes floats and costumes dedicated to objectification and sadomasochism.

The documentary exposes children to many disturbing images, including scantily clad individuals celebrating their sexuality.  Several parents have contacted YTOCW to inform us that their children have watched this episode in their classrooms, without parental knowledge or consent and that teachers had not watched the program prior to airing it.

The NSW Department of Education’s CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES IN SCHOOLS – PROCEDURES clearly states “Parents and carers need to be advised of the specific details of school activities, programs or events addressing controversial issues and the relevance to the curriculum and school programs and activities.”

And section 2.7 states: “Media material to be used in school, school programs and activities or on excursions are to be previewed by teachers or the principal prior to the event.”

Speak to your school principal today to ensure your child is safe.

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