You're Teaching Our Children What?

George Soros is Worried. Here’s Why That’s Good News.

Socialist billionaire George Soros has been bankrolling the world’s charge towards Cultural Marxism for years but he’s feeling the push-back from parents around the world and he’s not happy about it.

Whether it’s ignorance or a textbook case of ‘gas-lighting,’ Soros claims that ‘gender ideology’ is just something concocted by conservative politicians and activists. He calls it a “false narrative.”

He references the victory for parents in Peru who successfully protested “against the inclusion of sexuality and gender identity education in schools.”

False claims that Gender Ideology is a ‘false narrative’ are easily called out.

Gender Ideology is being pushed right here in Australia and we have the proof.

We already know that children as young as 4 in Australia are being exposed to ‘The Gender Fairy’ who tells them: ‘Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you.’






The US version is the Gender Unicorn:








Leaked documents reveal the extent of influence on Western politics. In Australia he owns GetUp! And he’s heavily involved in our education system and across our political parties.

GetUp! issued this post on Facebook following the Government’s decision to remove many of the more contentious components from Safe Schools.

Note that Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, ignored this directive and the program is still running in all its glory in Victoria and will be compulsory in ALL Victorian schools by the end of 2018.

What IS surprising is GetUp!’s statement that ‘bullies in the schoolyard take money.’ Safe Schools does not address the issue of schoolyard bullying at all. In fact, there are many cases of children being bullied for holding a different view to the theories presented by Safe Schools.

In a leaked video, Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward admits:

“… Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. “About gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual – say the words – transgender, intersex. Not just ‘Be nice to everyone. Everyone’s great’.”

And a GetUp backed petition sought to have Dr Pansy Lai de-registered when she publicly questioned Safe Schools. Bully much?

So, Gender Ideology is real, the truth has been exposed and it’s time for Australian parents to take a stand, put a stop to Safe Schools AND GEORGE SOROS’S INTERFERENCE in your children’s life once and for all.


Please sign and share our petition to stop safe schools.

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