You're Teaching Our Children What?

Schools rushing ‘on whisper’ to label pupils as transgender

The UK has their own version of Safe Schools and The Times has reported that “In nine months last year more than 2,000 children were referred by GPs, schools and support groups to GIDS, the only NHS clinic offering medical treatments such as hormones to suppress puberty and cross-sex hormones to develop different sexual characteristics.

“The figure is a 20-fold increase in seven years — in 2009 it was 97. Last year’s figures included two three-year-olds, nine four-year-olds, 21 five-year-olds and 23 six-year-olds. Some are being offered treatments not accessible in the past and for which there is no long-term research data available about risks.”

It went on to quote: Bernadette Wren, consultant clinical psychologist at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic in London: “You could be the most transgender friendly service in the world and you would still have to consider some very, very grave issues. The timing of puberty suspension, for instance. Whether they can tolerate enough treatment to develop the lower part of the body so they develop physical sensations.

“And fertility. They can consider the loss of their ability to have genetic children. This is becoming a big issue for us. For natal males — their capacity to produce sperm is more fragile in the face of these treatments.”

“If a school just gets a whisper of a child who may be querying their gender and within minutes they are doing everything to make sure that child is regarded as a member of the opposite sex right from the word go — that may not be the best for that child.”

“Her comments follow remarks by the fertility expert Lord Winston, who said he was seeing transgender adults who had lost their ability to reproduce and were very “damaged”.”

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