You're Teaching Our Children What?

“The NO Campaign Was Right” – LGBTQ Activists

Now they want ‘gender’ education in all schools 

Now that marriage has been redefined to accommodate same-sex and transgender couples, what’s next?  ‘Gender education in schools,’ of course, according to leading LGBTQ Activists.

For the millions of Australians who voted ‘Yes’ to redefining marriage because they were assured that it would have no impact whatsoever on education (even calling us ‘liars’ for proving that it would), this is a grievous betrayal.

We were contacted by many parents throughout the marriage postal survey campaign who were angry that we were linking marriage redefinition with teaching Gender Theory in our schools.

We take no pleasure whatsoever in saying ‘we told you so.’ We have seen it happen in every country where marriage has been redefined so it has come as no surprise to us that the battle to force Gender Theory into our schools is now upon us.

Legalising Transgender Marriage has made it harder to keep Gender Theory away from our kids. We’ve already seen Marriage Certificates, Driver’s licences and Birth Certificates change to accommodate Gender Theory.

It’s now easier for children to undergo two-stage hormone treatment and ‘Safe Schools’ Gender Theory resources are now compulsory in all Victorian Schools.

How do we stop it? Parent Power.

Parents of Australia, it’s time to unite and stand together against dangerous gender theory.

Sign our petition to Stop Safe Schools. And share it with your family and friends – make sure they sign it too!

Contact your local MP.

Most Australian parents are unaware that their children are being told they can choose their own gender without parental knowledge. Please share our page and invite them to sign up to receive our enewsletter, so every parent in Australia can be informed about what’s really going on while we’re been busy raising our kids and paying taxes!

Get involved with your school community. Many schools are not telling parents when they are teaching Gender Theory to your kids. So, it’s up to you to get informed and hold your school accountable!

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