You're Teaching Our Children What?


If you live in Queensland, your child could be attending a school that uses the Safe Schools Coalition program, but you won’t be told.

The Queensland Labor Government has chosen to keep the list of participating schools a secret from parents, so you will not be informed when your child is being told that they can choose their own gender, or that their school will help them transition genders without your knowledge or consent.

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones has denied that Safe Schools is being taught in Queensland schools, but we have proof that it is…

As of March 2016, there were 30 schools participating in the program. It is disappointing that a Safe Schools Coalition spokesperson has labelled concerned Queensland parents as ‘homophobic and transphobic‘ and has used that as justification for keeping ‘Safe Schools’ a secret.

If you’re a parent in Queensland, we want to hear from you! Has your child been exposed to Gender Ideology at school?


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