You're Teaching Our Children What?

It’s a Package Deal – Safe Schools and same sex marriage agenda exposed!

WATCH: Australian doctor and defender of Australian children exposes ‘Safe’ Schools and same-sex marriage agenda.

TRANSCRIPT of Dr David van Gend’s speech at Coalition for Marriage Brisbane launch

They knew from the very beginning that safe schools and same sex marriage were part of a package deal, along with suppression of free speech and so on. It is a package deal. It is part of a vast, genderless and gnostic ideology. We’ve got to hope that enough of our fellow Australians understand that this great debate for the serious activists it is not about marriage. It is about power. It is about obtaining that legal power that comes when you enshrine same sex and transgender marriage in law and using that power to then implement the rest of that intolerant radical LGBT agenda and it really is it really is a revolution. It is not a small question of letting two people who love each other marry. It is a profound revolution. It is an overturning of the foundation of our society and, like every revolution to succeed, it requires two things.

If you want your revolution to succeed, you must control the education of children and if you want to succeed, you must suppress dissidents and a law for same sex marriage will make both of those things possible at last. On the question of education, right now, parents can push back against Safe Schools and all of its cousins in relations that have been infesting our schools. We can push back and we did and we succeeded didn’t we last year in pruning Safe Schools, not uprooting it as Mr Howard said I would throw it in dustbin lock, stock and barrel. No! It was pruned awaiting more favorable conditions for regrowth and those conditions are when we enshrine genderless marriage in law, because if we do, you cannot say no to genderless sex education.

If we reject the objective biological truth of man and woman in marriage, we have rejected the objective biological truth of mother and father in family and we have a rejected the biological distinction of male and female.

That is how profound this revolution is and that is why Safe Schools and same sex marriage are part of the package deal.

But we can push back and our mothers here have pushed back and we must push back and they are right. Cella was telling the truth when she said that ‘Safe Schools tells my son, he can wear a dress next year.’ It is on the posters, it is in their material. Heidi was right when she said that year 7 kids, 11 year olds, are being told they must role play being 16 and going out with someone of the same sex that they are really into, and Dr Pansy, was right, when she said that overseas, where laws for gay marriage come in they saw these programs become widespread and compulsory.

You can go to Canada, right now as we speak, a Canadian father is on television screens around the country, Steve Tourloukis, is telling us that we have a chance to do what Canada could not do, and reject this radical LGBT gender education in schools, and Steve last year had to go to court to try and protect his kids from this disturbing, indecent material.

And the court said, no, you cannot because, as the lawyer said now, that Canada has same sex and transgender marriage, everyone must not only be tolerant of this. Everyone must positively celebrate the homosexual, bi-sexual transsexual package. You must, by law, and parents have no say.

This is deeply subversive and Heidi mentioned Vishnitz Jewish primary school in England, a wonderful school that used to get great reviews until gay marriage came in and now it is failed twice the inspectors criteria for British values, which include teaching primary school girls about gender reassignment and transgender and other issues. And they face closure.

So remember this is a revolution. It is far more profound than we realize and, like every revolution, you must do those two things: control kids education and silence dissidents.

And if we do not win if we do not get enough Australians and saying no, then our kids will be subjected to Safe Schools on steroids.



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