You're Teaching Our Children What?

What happened in Canada will happen in Australia

Steve Tourloukis is a regular Canadian dad. He’s been fighting the Canadian school system for over 5 years.

Part 1:

Part 2:

He wants:

  1. The right to be alerted when his children will be taught radical gay sex education.
  2. The right to opt out.

The Canadian court rejected his requests and refused to declare that parents have final rights over their children.

Like most parents, Steve just wants the school system to prepare his children for the competitive global workforce. He would rather teachers focus on teaching geometry and grammar, rather than anal sex and gender theory.

“In Canada, the redefinition of marriage has brought about a complete loss of parental rights in the school system. In fact, the training document given to teachers to help implement the new curriculum denies the very existence of parental rights. Prior to the legalisation of same-sex marriage, keeping parents abreast of what’s being taught was standard practice for teachers. This is history now. In my local school board, teachers are even refusing to give parents advanced notice of when they will be brainwashing their children.”

It’s time for the parents of Australia to unite to protect our kids against Safe Schools gender madness.

Please sign and share our petition to stop Safe Schools.

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