You're Teaching Our Children What?

Aussie Mothers Unite To End Safe Schools Gender Madness

On a sunny August morning, the group of mothers behind You’re Teaching Our Children What?  united to end the Safe Schools gender madness sweeping our education system. With a reach of over 2 million people per week on our FB page, it seems other parents have caught on too.

In 2015 a group of mothers set up this website to warn other parents of the radical sex education promoted by the Safe Schools Coalition Australia. “What we found was that teaching material contained some very controversial ideas about sexuality,” said Catherine, one of the mothers in the group. ”One of these ideas is gender theory; the belief that your gender is a social construct and is determined by how one feels, not biology.”

Despite the blind support that Safe Schools has been afforded by politicians on both sides of the political fence, such as Jihad Dib, Tim Wilson and Bill Shorten, the group of dedicated mums have continued analysing and publishing the content of the Safe Schools teaching resources. “The program was supposedly created as an anti-bullying program” said Sophie, another mum. “But what it really does is coerce children, some as young as 11, to affirm and celebrate the homosexual lifestyle on a whole school level.”

One of the lessons in the controversial “All of Us” program suggests that students give stickers to “supportive” teachers, paint a rainbow crossing in front of their school, to avoid dividing the class into boys and girls and to lobby for gender neutral toilets at school.

The exposure of this insidious program has led to scores of parents writing and sharing their own experiences with radical sex education programs. “The response to our website has been overwhelming” says Sophie, “there seems to have been a shift in what schools are teaching about highly controversial and private matters to do with sexuality and parents do not like that.” This shift can be attributed to the fact that tertiary institutions, such as Sydney University, have opened the doors to Safe Schools Australia. Facilitators present seminars to pre-service teachers, urging them to promote the defunded “All of Us” program in schools, to promote LGBTQ activism and to de-gender their language. “When kids are writing to tell us that they are called bigots and homophobes because they don’t want to wear purple or when young children in Kindergarten and Year 1 hear their teachers say that you can be any gender you wish as they read them picture books like ‘The Gender Fairy’, it shows that programs like Safe Schools are not about stopping bullying, they are forcing LGBTQ ideology on children.”

The secret to their success has been that ability to substantiate their claims with evidence from the Safe Schools teaching programs. On the YTOCW website, parents will find links to the resources, as well as academic research papers.

“What we have done is open up a can of worms. There are countless programs and resources that teach and promote radical sex education, it is virtually impossible for any one parent to try and find them all.”

The mothers’ meticulous inspection of the NESA website in August found that PDHPE teachers were being directed to a resource entitled the “Practical guide to love, sex and relationships”, the teaching resource includes activities for Year 7 students which require them to swap gender roles. One activity for Year 9 asks students to imagine they are in a gay or lesbian relationship.

This discovery led to a political firestorm between NESA and the ministerial office of Rob Stokes, causing the NSW Education Minister to quickly issue an apology and remove the resource.

Whilst our website’s popularity has soared, it has lost a few supporters along the way. “Some parents are still under the false impression that radical sex education and same sex marriage are separate issues. We know that the legislation of same sex marriage will strengthen the radical activism of gender ideology and that it will be taught in schools and enforced in every office and institution around the nation. We have the experiences of England, the US and Canada to show us how these programs become widespread once the law changes, and for this reason we strongly urge parents of Australia to vote No in the postal plebiscite.”


Authorised by E Pantelis – Sydney.

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