You're Teaching Our Children What?

This dad was shocked by what he discovered about Safe Schools

Steve is a regular dad with three kids. When he found out they were at a ‘Safe School’ he decided to do some research. He didn’t have to look very hard to find confronting and inappropriate content on the Safe Schools Minus 18 website.

He first encountered ‘chest binding’ in an article entitled: 7 ways to bind your chest

“a practice which it casually admits can kill.”

““Because you are compressing tissue, it can cause damage and potentially even breakages to your ribs if done improperly, if things go wrong with your ribs, it has the potential to be lethal,” according to the Safe Schools-promoted material.” – Herald Sun

He also found an article entitled ‘Cover Your Tracks’ which showed his children how to delete their internet browsing history. Minus 18 says ‘it’s kind of an important thing…’

Despite the Federal Government’s recommendation that these resources be removed from the program, Daniel Andrews decided to ignore the directive and Minus 18 remains a Safe Schools resource to this day in Victoria.

Steve was also shocked to find there was no ‘opt out’ for his children as Safe Schools is permeated throughout the curriculum.

His daughter walked into her maths lesson one day and instead of teaching arithmetic, the teacher put on a video about being LGBT.

There was no consent form sent home for parents to give permission for their child to watch the video, nor were parents advised that their children would be missing a double Maths lesson to watch it. However, on a previous occasion when a video was shown to students about Autism, a note was sent home to parents first.

Because Safe Schools is part of the whole curriculum, teachers do not need to ask permission from parents before showing these materials.

Steve had tears in his eyes as he recalled the time his daughter was bullied in class for being a Christian and supporting a traditional view of marriage. The teacher brushed aside the anti-Christian hate speech and just said: ‘oh well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.’

His daughter watched the real bullies in the schoolyard, picking on kids (not gay kids) and the teachers did nothing.

Not surprisingly, Steve moved his daughter to a Catholic school, with a Transgender Prefect and no ‘Safe Schools’ Curriculum. When he asked his daughter how this student was treated, she responded “We love her. We respect her. We treat her like everybody else.’

His final words really sum it up well: “You don’t need a program to teach that everybody should be respected. Everybody should be valued.”


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