You're Teaching Our Children What?

BREAKING – Watch Father’s day ad banned by Free TV Australia – deemed too political

BREAKING – Father’s day ad banned by Free TV Australia. Question: Why is using the word ‘dad’ too political? Answer from Safe Schools: it reinforces ‘heteronormative world view’.

The Safe Schools Program (All Of Us) aims to force children to change the way they understand gender and recognise the differences between boys and girls. As part of changing the thinking of children at school, the unit guide says students should:

  • not ask new parents whether their child is a boy or a girl – that emphasises stereotypes; (All Of Us p.42)
  • not ask boys if they have a girlfriend – instead ask if they have a girlfriend or a boyfriend; (All Of Us p.42)
  • recognise at least 13 gender identities, including Trans Girl, Genderqueer and Brother Boy; and (All Of Us p.34)
  • have access to unisex toilets, in addition to male/female toilets. (All Of Us p.51)
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