You're Teaching Our Children What?

ALL Australian schools will be ‘Safe Schools’ – Tim Wilson

The Quarterly Essay by Benjamin Law offers a poor defense of the dangerous Safe Schools Coalition, which secretly pushes radical gender ideology onto our children under the guise of an ‘anti-bullying’ program.

Law calls out Safe Schools co- founder Roz Ward for criticising the Catholic Church’s distribution of the ‘Don’t Mess with Marriage’ booklet to parents of children in Catholic schools. Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous was dragged to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission by LGBTI activists for sharing the Catholic view of Marriage.

Roz Ward “described moves by Melbourne archbishop Dennis Hart to have Catholic schools lobby parents to vote against same-sex marriage as a “direct attack” on gay people.” The Australian 29 August, 2016

Tim Wilson wrote in an email: “The objective of this program is to work with religious schools and co-operate to tackle any bullying or harassment of LGBTI youth that may exist.” (June 5, 2016 – emphasis added)

Roz Ward’s statement is clear evidence that Safe Schools and Same-Sex Marriage are intrinsically linked.

Law quotes Tim Wilson (then Human Rights Commissioner), as saying at the time: “If the objective of the program was to actually get all students protected from bullying by getting information and education into all schools – not just state schools – then going out there and creating problems with Catholic schools was running contrary to that objective.” (emphasis added)

So, their intention has been laid bare for all to see: They want Safe Schools in ALL schools, including Catholic Schools. So there will be nowhere to hide for parents who want to protect their children from this insidious program.

Is it any wonder parents are choosing to Home School in record numbers? It may soon be the only way you can protect your child from Safe Schools indoctrination.

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