You're Teaching Our Children What?

ALDI and the Boy in the Dress

ALDI has sparked outrage from parents after its Special Buys Catalogue this week included a book entitled ‘The Boy in the Dress’ by British Comedian and Gay Activist, David Walliams.

It follows revelations that the Safe Schools Coalition Program includes posters encouraging boys to wear dresses at School, claiming it’s purely about reducing the instances of bullying. However, the result has been distressing, with an epidemic in “transgender” children presenting to medical clinics since the advent of Safe Schools in June 2014.

Parents are right to be concerned about the idea of mainstreaming gender confusion.

The Gender Fairy,’ is a book promoted as part of the Safe Schools program for children as young as 4, and it tells them: “Whenever a baby is born, it is decided by doctors whether the baby is a boy or a girl.”

And the Safe Schools Guide to supporting a student to affirm or transition gender identity at school recommends: “ The person who understands most about their gender transition or affirmation is the student themselves. It is crucial to the success of this process that they are included in every decision made and every action taken. Consideration should be given to the age and maturity of the student and whether it would be appropriate to involve the students’ parent(s) or guardian(s) in each decision.” (emphasis added)

Yes, the Safe Schools program removes parental rights to decide the best outcomes for their children.

So, while Activists mock parents for expressing their concerns about a book, written by a Gay Activist, promoting the idea of boys wearing dresses, being sold in a grocery store; for those of us who are paying attention, we recognise the that the battle for our kids rages on and we will not give up on our kids without a fight!

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