You're Teaching Our Children What?

Woolworths – Safe Schools – Purple Day – Is it time parents stop shopping at Woolies?

Open letter to Woolworths (photos from various Woolworth stores provided by parents from Melbourne and Sydney)

Many parents were amazed to find your stores dressed up in purple and/or rainbow colours on August the 25th without warning.

We would like to ask you, what do you say to a 3-year-old who asks “why is everything purple at Woolworths?”  Why were we ambushed into a discussion surrounding sexuality with our young children when all we want is bread and milk?

Why has Woolworths decided to become an advocate for dangerous gender theory?  As parents and shoppers, this does not sit well with many of us. We want our children to enjoy their childhood and innocence, without being bombarded with sexualised images and encouraged to “celebrate sexuality.”

We have become increasingly aware of the controversial and highly contested Gender Theory being taught in our schools through the Safe Schools programme.  Many of us do not accept this ideology and are petitioning governments to withdraw this programme and all Gender Theory from schools. It has since been banned in NSW. We most certainly do not expect to see this controversial ideology promoted at our local grocery store.

Wear it Purple Day is promoted and encouraged by the Safe Schools Coalition to “celebrate sexuality, sex and gender diversity”.  Why were our children confronted with sexual themes in a ‘family friendly’ place?  By promoting Wear It Purple Day, Woolworths is also promoting the Safe Schools programme.

So, let us know Woolies, whether you intend to celebrate sexuality again next year so we can plan to shop elsewhere with our children.

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