You're Teaching Our Children What?

What’s the Deal with Schools Celebrating ‘Wear it Purple Day?’

On Friday 25th August, some schools across Australia (including Primary Schools!) will tell their students to wear purple to celebrate sexuality.

Like us, many of you are asking, why are children required to celebrate sexuality at all?

As one child said: “I don’t think kids should be celebrated for being sexual. That’s for when we are older. We should know about sex but that’s all.

But now the whole school has whole days to celebrate sexuality. I’m not even legally old enough to have sex but I am told to dress up to celebrate it.”

So, what happens if a student decides not to celebrate sexuality on Purple Day? One student exposed what really happens:

Students with differing beliefs were silenced and in the end all students were made to wear a purple ribbon.”

One mother said

“My son asked not to go to school on Wear It Purple Day because he was afraid of being bullied.”

That is the great tragedy of a so-called anti-bullying program that, instead of encouraging earnest discussion and respect for all viewpoints, it shuts down nonconforming views and leads to bullying of those who don’t ‘toe the line.’

If your school is celebrating sexuality on Friday 25th August, make sure you talk to your child about it and also your school Principal. Ask why they are encouraging minors to celebrate sexuality at school?

We have had a number of reports from parents who have been asked to leave their school after asking genuine questions about the school’s involvement with ‘Safe Schools,’ so ensure you always have someone with you when you meet with anyone in school leadership to discuss this issue.


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