You're Teaching Our Children What?

Premier Daniel Andrews to go ahead with Safe Schools roll out in 2018 despite parent outcry

Source: Bendigo Advertiser, Date: 3 August 2017

EVERY school should be a Safe School, Premier Daniel Andrews believes. He said misinformation was to blame for resistance to the program, which was created to help schools become more inclusive of same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse people.
“This was a program that did enjoy bipartisan support… it doesn’t anymore,” Mr Andrews said.
“But I very proudly say that every school should be a safe school.
“We’re going to continue to roll this program out. It works – it saves lives.”

Mr Andrews also spoke in favour of marriage equality, imploring the federal government to “do your job, make this change, drag this law into the 21st century and allow people who love each other and who are committed to each other to be treated equally and fairly.”

He told Bendigo residents, “who you are is good enough”.
“You should be valued, validated and supported to just be who you are… that’s good enough in Victoria,” Mr Andrews said.
The premier was in Bendigo on Thursday for Labor’s biannual regional caucus.

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