You're Teaching Our Children What?

New Video Confirms Parents’ Worst Fears

Vanessa from ‘Talking the Talk Sexuality Education’ has confirmed our worst fears about what our children are being taught in the classroom. In fact, it’s even worse than we first thought!
The classroom content is so explicit, even VIMEO placed a warning on her video explaining that it ‘contains mature, or explicit, or sexually suggestive content. It may not be appropriate for all viewers.’

UPDATE: Vanessa has contacted us to advise that the content creator who chooses rating in Vimeo. That means Vanessa selected the ‘explicit material warning’ herself. By her own admission, the content is suitable for mature audiences. So, why is it being shown to 10yr olds?

In her first explosive, viral video, Political Posting Mumma revealed that 13 year olds were being taught how to masturbate in class.

In her response video, Vanessa has confirmed that masturbation is being taught to children as young as TEN, as part of regular sex education and she says schools are not obligated to tell you when your child is engaging in sexuality education. Click here to watch the video (from 11:05-11:25). UPDATE: VANESSA’S VIDEO HAS SINCE BEEN REMOVED from VIMEO but you can now watch it on YouTube here.

Minus 18 website (which is used as a resource in Victoria’s ‘Safe Schools’ program) provides a direct link to Scarleteen, which is where the information about teaching kids to masturbate using a toothbrush or razor can be found…

In her video, Vanessa also accuses Political Posting Mumma of being ‘Homophobic’ because she disagrees with children being taught anal sex without being told the very real risks involved, although she admits that heterosexuals engage in anal sex as well.

Political Posting Mumma has responded to each accusation by Vanessa in her new video, below.


Safe Schools is integrated into every subject area and the video below confirms that Victoria’s sexuality education was created by none other than La Trobe University – creators of Safe Schools Coalition Program! And yes, it does include radical gender theory (watch from 7:30-8:20)


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