You're Teaching Our Children What?

Miranda Devine: Education shake up needed, lest radicals return

Miranda Devine – Daily Telegraph

It’s no surprise that education bureaucrats have sneaked Safe Schools back into the curriculum, defying the ban imposed in April by their boss, Education Minister Rob Stokes.

This is the permanent bureaucracy, yet again, subverting the people’s will and defying the people’s elected representatives.

They know that radical queer ­theory, a fringe and highly contested area of academic voodoo, is rejected by parents and school communities, so they use deception to keep Safe Schools alive.

They don’t care that parents don’t want their children taught that girls aren’t girls and boys aren’t boys, and that gender and sexuality are “fluid”.

Miranda Devine. Picture: Peter Brew-Bevan

They don’t care because they are a law unto themselves.

But that has to end. They have been exposed as insubordinate and duplicitous.

Pretending that the Orwellian-named Safe Schools was an “anti-bullying” program was their first deception. It’s nothing of the sort.

At heart, it is radical sex education for primary and secondary school children designed to stamp out “heterosexism” — which is the idea heterosexuality is the default position for human relationships.

Its stealthy aim is to turn biology on its head by demonising traditional families as incubators of bigotry.

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