You're Teaching Our Children What?

Fact Check: Yes, the TV mums are telling the truth about Safe Schools

Bill Shorten dismissed the claims of three Australian mums on Tuesday night as “total rubbish“.

The alternative Prime Minister has questioned their truthfulness and the distress their children have gone through with this radical LGBT sex and gender education.

He owes them an apology.

His government in 2013 rolled out the Safe Schools programme, so he should know the facts.

  1. One mum said on the TV ad, “Kids in year 7 are being asked to role-play being in a same-sex relationship”.

That is not “total rubbish”, Mr Shorten. That is absolutely true.

See for yourself: Go to the Safe Schools resources at the Victorian Education Department site. Select the All of Us document and check out Lesson 2, “Same-sex attracted experiences”.

There you will see that year 7 students, age 11 or 12, have to role-play being 16 and in a same-sex relationship with someone they are “really into.”

Then they have to answer questions such as “Would you be able to talk to your friends about what you did on the weekend with your partner without worrying about their reaction?” and “If you were in a sports team, would you confidently tell your teammates about your sexuality?”

These are kids under the age of consent. They are being asked this, and when mothers rightfully get upset, Mr Shorten calls their story “total rubbish”.

  1. Another mum said “School told my son he could wear a dress next year if he wanted to”.

She is just telling us what the Safe Schools programme tells all kids: that they can live and dress as whatever gender they want.

Look for yourself at the Safe Schools poster of a boy in a girl’s dress, with the words, “Everyone should be able to wear the uniform they feel comfortable with”.More evidence to confirm that the mum was completely consistent with what Safe Schools teaches kids is in the All of Us document, lesson 4, “Transgender experiences”. It tells kids that “it’s up to the individual to describe what gender identity fits them best” and this “might be expressed by how you dress”. Safe Schools gives children a spectrum of gender options including male and female but also genderqueer, trans guy, sister girl, agender and many others (p.34).

  1. 3. It is also fair comment that overseas, where gay/bi/transgender marriage is the law of the land, these programmes do become “widespread and compulsory”, like the third mother said.

For instance, in Alberta Canada, the education department imposes gender rules on all schools – including church schools. The rules say that school uniforms must avoid being “gender-exclusive, such as implying that a certain type of clothing, such as skirts, will be worn by one gender only.” In other words, boys can wear a skirt if they want to. And they can use girls’ bathrooms if they want to. And they can be addressed by pronouns like ‘ze,’ ‘zir,’ ‘hir,’ if they want to.

In Massachusetts, USA, after gay marriage became law Rob and Robin Wirthlin were told by the courts they had no right to withdraw their son from lessons that were promoting homosexual marriage.

Right now, in the UK a Jewish girls school is facing closure because it does not meet the new LGBT “fundamental values” imposed since gay ‘marriage’ was legalised. The school declines to use class time to teach its girls about gender reassignment and sexual orientation, and for resisting the compulsory gender/LGBT programme this otherwise excellent school is facing closure.

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