You're Teaching Our Children What?

Daniel Andrews – ‘Safe’ Doesn’t Mean What YOU Think it Means

Daniel Andrew says ‘Every school should be a Safe School.’ We say ‘safe’ doesn’t mean what YOU think it means, Daniel. With more revelations of hyper sexualised content contained in the program, parents need to speak up now and protect our kids from sexualisation in the classroom.

This curriculum permeates through every subject, so there is no ‘opt-out.’ It features heavily in HPE where brave teacher, Moira Deeming has exposed the sexually explicit survey students in year 9 were asked to complete and discuss with their teacher. The resource was created by Ansell (yes, a commercial entity) and included as a resource on the Victorian Education website, curated by none other than La Trobe University, creators of the Safe Schools program.

Of course, once the resource was exposed, the link to the ‘Transmission’ Teacher’s resource was swiftly removed and Moira was accused of lying. Thanks to Web Archive, you can see it for yourself here:

Or download the worksheet here.

We are calling out Safe Schools for what it is. Sign our petition to Stop Safe Schools and let Daniel Andrews and other MPs who support the program know we’re not buying the lie that this is an anti-bullying program!

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