You're Teaching Our Children What?

BREAKING VIDEO – Teacher Reveals the Truth About Safe Schools

Moira Deeming is a teacher and she has read the entire Safe Schools Curriculum. In this video she reveals what’s really being taught to our children in the classroom and it’s terrifying.

Here’s what she says:
There is a paper survey to be completed by students and handed in, which records students’ past sexual experiences and their degree of willingness to try various acts such as: Threesomes and using dildos (and others NSFW). Students are not given the option of answering ‘No. Not willing. Not ever.’ One of the columns is called ‘Frigid’ with a picture of a fridge.

It raises the question: What does a teacher do with the completed forms, filled with students’ sexual preferences and fantasies? And why are children under the legal age of consent being told by teachers that it’s perfectly acceptable if they have already participated in these sexual activities?

Every scenario teachers are encouraged to discuss with students depicts them as hyper sexualised, careless and highly emotional. One scenario includes a student who began having sex at 13 with the comment ‘well, it’s nobody’s business if I like sex.’

Another scenario depicts a 17 year old girl who has had 15 sexual partners of various genders.

Scenarios include portrayals of casual sex with strangers and cheating on partners is standard.

Part of the curriculum reads: ‘Sexually transmitted infections are a normal part of sex’ and advises ‘just get tested.’ What’s not highlighted is the fact that some of these infections can lead to infertility and although you can treat the symptoms, some infections will never go away (think genital warts).

Year 7 & 8 students are asked to roleplay sexually active 17 & 18 year old gay, bisexual or very promiscuous characters. To get out of character after portraying these scenarios, students must be asked ‘what is your real name?’ ‘How are you feeling right now?’ and ’Tell us where you are right now.’ This is to ensure none of the role players have slipped into a state of distress or disassociation. ‘If someone is a bit off, or clearly distressed, ask them to step outside and what they need to help them feel more in control. It could be some fresh air or a drink of water.’

This is being taught in Australian classrooms right now! What can you do about it…?

Write to your local MP, share our posts and videos around your social network to help get the word out, talk to your children – they are being told NOT to tell you what they’re being taught during these lessons, have an open discussion with your school principal and make sure other parents at your school are aware of what the program is really about.
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