You're Teaching Our Children What?

Australian Chinese launch nation wide campaign against Safe Schools

Source: The Australian

The Australian Chinese community has founded a not-for-profit group to mobilise against the Safe Schools program and same-sex marriage.

Co-founder and Sydney GP Pansy Lai was behind a petition to the NSW government that last year gathered 17,500 signatures from Australian Chinese community members opposed to Safe Schools.

Dr Lai said she was overwhelmed by the response to her petition and had been inspired to form the Australian Chinese for Families Association, which launches this week. “I didn’t -realise until I did the petition just how many people there are out there who are really concerned about Safe Schools,” she said.

“After we lodged the NSW petition, parents from other states got into contact with us, wanting to know what they can do to tell the government they don’t want their children being taught this inappropriate program. “These are normal, everyday Australian Chinese parents and grandparents. There are no politicians among us.” The group also opposes same-sex marriage.

Dr Lai said as a GP specialising in pediatrics, she opposed Safe Schools, which is designed to prevent the bullying of homosexual and transgender children, because it was “not scientific or evidence-based”. “It’s really important to take into account that these children are still underage,” she said. “This would be fine in a university program, but school¬children should be a politics-free zone,” she said.

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