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Safe Schools in the news again: LGBTI activists force News Corp journo to quit NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

The Australian: by Emily Ritchie. News Corp journalist Shannon Molloy has been forced to resign from the board of the New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby after being subjected to a social media campaign protesting his participation based on who employed him.

Jill Stark, an SBS columnist who reports on LGBTI issues, said Molloy had been pressured to quit by third-party activists who complained that his employment with News Corp presented a conflict of interest with the lobby.

“The Lobby and Shannon were inundated with emails, Facebook and Twitter messages saying that having a News Corp staffer on the board was a conflict,” Ms Stark tweeted today.

“Last night Shannon quit the NSW LGRL board due to the distress this campaign has caused. He told me, “They win. I’m done.” My question to these ‘activists’ is who does this serve? What has been achieved for LGBTI equality by leaving a gay man feeling broken?”

Molloy is a gay man and has previously written stories about his experiences with homophobic bullying.

News Corp journalist Shannon Molloy.

Complainants against his involvement in the NSW GLRL reportedly suggested News Corp’s coverage of the Safe Schools program and queer and transgender issues meant that Molloy’s involvement in the lobby compromised its integrity.

“How can NSW GLRL call out the trans hate from News Corp when one of its national journos sits on the board?” Rodney Chiang-Cruise wrote on Twitter.

Internet troll Michael Barnett, known by his Twitter handle @mikeybear, said “it was irrelevant who the News Corp employee on the board of the GLRL was. The issue was that a News Corp employee was on their board.”

He also tweeted: “News Corp pay people to destroy Safe Schools and make the lives of transgender kids unbearable. Working for them is unethical.”

Many journalists and LGBTI activists have today shown their support for Molloy after his resignation, with many citing an article he wrote in February last year in which he detailed his personal experiences with bullying.

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