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Qantas Alan Joyce CEO slaps pie thrower with a lifetime ban from using the national carrier. Is this an overreaction, revenge or bullying?

The Perth man who shoved a lemon meringue pie into the face of Qantas boss Alan Joyce has been slapped with a lifetime ban by the national carrier even though he has sincerely apologised, “I’ve sent an email to Alan Joyce, Curtin Uni, Hyatt, offering an unreserved apology for insults, costs, whatever else. My family are outraged, my wife is at my throat. I didn’t understand that I’d breached the State’s criminal code… so clearly I regret that,” Mr Overheu told 6PR radio.

But it seems Joyce is determined to use his corporate leverage to crush Overhue. Tony Overheu, 67, will no longer be able to fly with Qantas and its partner airlines, which includes Jetstar, Cathay Pacific and Emirates, after last week’s pieing incident which was a protest against corporate support for same-sex ‘marriage’.

Without condoning the actions of Tony Overhue one has to wander at Alan Joyce’s over-reaction. Qantas, the national carrier, is just that, the national carrier for all Australians and no CEO should be able to have any Australian banned from flying Qantas. Overhue will rightly face the justice system and that should be sufficient. Joyce has not announced any life ban for criminal members of motorcycle gangs or, indeed, any other criminal known to have traveled with Qantas in order to engage in illegal activities in other cities.

Mr Joyce, who has been in a ­relationship with Shane Lloyd for 15 years, is known for using the corporate weight of the national carrier to campaign for same sex ‘marriage’. On another occasion he said “If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere,” (Gay and lesbian newspaper the Star Observer.) It seems that same sex ‘marriage’ advocates may be more interested in punishing dissenters of same sex ‘marriage’ rather than allowing diversity, inclusiveness and freedom of speech for all Australians.

Overhue faces multiple charges over last Tuesday’s business breakfast event and will appear before Perth Magistrates Court on June 7.

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