You're Teaching Our Children What?

Margaret Court, Alan Joyce and now Peter FitzSimons

It seems that Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and his LGBT agenda is creating a split in the Australian community, something I am sure his shareholders would not be very happy about. In fact, shareholders may be a little nervous after Australian tennis great, Margaret Court, said ‘where possible’ she would avoid flying QANTAS in protest at the airline’s promotion of gay ‘marriage’. It seems that Margaret Court is not alone in thinking this way. An article in the The Australian received over 650 comments with an overwhelming majority in support of Margaret Court. Here are few:

Top comment with over 90 likes was from Greg, “An appropriate decision by Margaret Court, as it seems the LGBTI etc community exercises no restraint in forcing their lifestyle choices down the throat of the community at large.”

With 89 likes was from John, “QANTAS should stick to flying. Go Margaret, still a champion.”

With 82 likes from another John was, “Whilst not necessarily buying into the same sex issue, I feel it is inappropriate for business to embrace this controversial matter. I regard this to be outside their business charter. Yes protest on fuel prices, airport facilities and the like, but leave same sex considerations to other forums.”

With 78 likes was from The Beagle Boy, “Margaret Court has done more for Australia than the $11 million dollar leprechaun will ever do, especially in his favourite cause SSM. The once great Airline being led by such a person beggars belief. The impending criminal charge isn’t enough – he wants to make it personal by instituting a life ban – what a disgrace!”

As you can see Alan Joyce is not the flavour of the month, to say the least.

At the same time, Peter FitzSimons, wrote a scathing article in the SMH, calling Margaret Court, ‘Simply sad..embarrassing and homophobic’ and suggested that the Margaret Court Arena be boycotted until re-named. In other words, if you don’t believe in gay ‘marriage’, according to FitzSimons, you should be stripped of all achievements, be publicly ridiculed and be removed from polite society. Wow! Now that is an intolerant streak. Sounds like living under a communist regime. Next FitzSimons will tell us that since gender does not matter for marriage it does not matter for sex education either and that ‘Safe Schools’ is good for everyone.

I am starting to see a common thread. Roz Ward likes red flags and Peter FitzSimons red head coverings.

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