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Family Court allows teen, 15, to have breasts removed ‘to be a boy’

Caroline Overington – The Australian

A 15-year-old child has undergone surgery in Sydney to have both breasts removed to make him (formerly her) look and feel more like a boy, after convincing the Family Court that he was mature enough to decide for himself whether to have the operation.

The child, known in court documents as Lincoln, was born a girl but decided in 2014 to live as a boy. He had his birth certificate changed from “female” to “male” last year.

In an interview with a psychiatrist, who gave evidence in court, Lincoln said he wanted to have the breast-removal procedure, known in the trans­gender community as “top surgery”, so he would look more like a boy.

“I have a lot of body dysphoria concerning that part of my body,” he said. “(After surgery) I won’t have to wear breast binders every day. I absolutely hate that. I can’t breathe properly. I want to be able to run around. My body shape isn’t even very good in a binder. I have to wear layers of clothing. I want to be able to just wear a T-shirt. I spent the whole of last summer in a jumper. (After surgery) my body will look the way I want it to.”

Asked by the court to describe the downsides of having the operation, Lincoln said: “Expense, that’s a big thing.” But he added: “My Dad will be able to raise the money by selling (something) valuable that he owns.”

Told he would not be able to breastfeed a baby, Lincoln said he would “rather die than have a baby”.

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